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rooms milos island
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Milos Greece is a splendid island where a great number of worldwide tourists choose to spend their leisure summer holidays. There are fabulous beaches and great sites of historical importance (such as the Christian catacombs which are from around the 3 rd century), Fine Arts Museums, lovely churches of the Virgin Mary and not to forget the totally breath-taking landscape of sea and land horizons all around you wherever you turn. Since it is in high demand as a tourist spot for rooms milos island has made all types of arrangements for all types of budgets and clients.

You will find high class five star level hotels (here known as category A), and you will also find hotels of category B and C, which are equivalent to three star and two star plus all over the island. The higher category hotels and the rooms milos island offers are mostly on or very close to the beach. These are hotels with high class cuisine, massage parlors, business centers (with office back-end support such as secretaries, conference rooms, etc), children baby-sitting facilities and kids recreational facilities, shopping arcades and a host of many other customer-oriented services. All the hotels and rooms milos island offer you is high-class hospitality and value for your money.

The B and C category hotels too have a great variety of services that sometimes even include serving of locally cooked traditional cuisine. The difference in category comes maybe with the location rather than the services available, as hotels and rooms milos island without any fail offer excellent service and warmth during the stay. Most of these categories hotels are situated in the center of the island, rather than on the beaches, nonetheless the majority of them have a splendid view of the sea. Some of the rooms milos island has to offer come equipped with kitchenettes where you can avail of home cooked food. This indeed is a boon for those who need special attention with food or have a shoestring budget holiday.

There are other advantages that the rooms milos island offer the tourists. These are low costing, beautiful local ambience, excellent hospitality (there are many times when the host will cook special Greek meals for the tourists), there is a easier access to the local traditions and people and last but not the least - it is typical Grecian style staying. One can learn in one week staying in village rooms milos island offers and learn as much and more than people who visit the island ten times. There is closeness to the ground that gives the tourist access to the real life style of Greek native populations than can never be caught from any other point. The hotels, though great in offering accommodation, have a more or less sterile environment offering the tourist what they want to see and charming them with the splendor of the place.  The rooms milos island offer go beyond that facade and can observe the beauty of the local traditions, the real local cuisine, music and life style and the experience can be really heady.



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