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milos map
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Informational: Map of Milos

Map: Milos in Greece lies in the south western Cyclades is well known for it turquoise waters and wonderfully unique landscapes. It is 85 nautical miles from Piraeus and occupies 151 square kilometers. The milos map would contain a very little landscape in a horseshoe shape surrounded by the clear blue water as the two sides of the island are joined by a narrow isthmus. The sea in between penetrates deep inland forming the huge Bay of Milos . As a result the Bay of Milos is a safe natural harbor and is one of the largest in the Mediterranean . The capital of Milos is Plaka that boasts of intense and amazing nightlife and variety of accommodations. Milos also has many undiscovered villages which if embarked upon could prove to be an adventure.

The position of Milos on the sea routes is of strategic geographical importance which resulted in fast and early development of civilization in the ancient times that shone brightly for many centuries and provided a great impetus to arts of sculpture and pottery.

Landscape of Milos is very rocky and is similar to that of the moon as we had seen on the television. Full of craters and uneven rocks, it has quite a few amazing rock formations. Take a look at the map of Milos and see for yourself, that this volcanic landscape lends Milos a hue of various colors. With a population of more than 5000 strewn around in 8 villages, Milos is a part of the Cyclades County surrounded by Kimolos, Sifnos and Serifos.

This rare topography combines with more than 75 beautiful beaches with azure, blue and green waters along with immense mineral wealth make Milos a dream holiday destination. Milos reminds a tourist of paradise and is famed for being the place where the Aphrodite of Milos (Venus de Milo) was found on 08.04.1920, which was later purchased by a French consul to be gifted to King of France (Louis XVIII). It can be found today in the Louvre Museum in Paris .

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