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Milos is an extremely picturesque island in Greece, which has high tourist attraction during the mid summer (July - August), and other seasons as well. The island has a number of beautiful beaches that combined with the mystical Grecian hospitality and tradition make an irresistible holiday destination. Make the decision right now, explore it yourself after you rent a car, Milos will amaze you. As it is common in tourist locations, accommodation is done specifically to cater to the tourists' tastes and budget. In milos hotels are specifically designed to meet this need.

In milos hotels are in plenty, and they are of all types and categories. From A category hotels which are synonymous to the five star hotels elsewhere to the extremely comfortable B category and C category. Each milos hotel comes fully equipped with all the modern amenities such as air conditioning, telephone, fax, internet, daily cleaning services, laundry, color TV, sauna, beauty parlors for men and women, massage parlors, children recreational facilities, car for hire, sightseeing tours, business centers (with secretary, meetings and mimeograph services) and many others. Some of them have breakfast inclusive in the tariff.

The A category milos hotel differs from the other in the room space and view; the service is impeccable in all the types. The A category milos hotel also has almost always excellent location - close to the beach or on the beach; they provide to and fro transfer from the port or airport, and some time sightseeing tours.

The B category hotels are usually available close to the beach and are hot favorite for all tourists - those who come with their families, single or with the groups. Most B hotels give bed and breakfast tariffs and usually have a wonderfully lavish breakfast buffet. These hotels too come with all the modern trapping of the today's world. Besides, you will also find fantastic barbeque parties organized by the hotel for the joy and enjoyment of the tourists.

The C category hotels are mostly located a bit away from the beaches as compared to the another milos hotel.  Nonetheless, 80 per cent of the rooms are so constructed that they have a sea-view.  These hotels are mostly built close to marketing and shopping malls giving you the advantage of seeing and using good local markets for a number of things. Hospitality in the a milos hotel is great - as actually is all over this wonderful island - other than location you will not lack in anything in these hotels. People all over this island are extremely friendly and go out of their way to make tourists comfortable and enjoy fully their location.

Besides a milos hotel there are a number of other accommodation choices, such as luxury villas (where a whole family can stay comfortably at almost the same cost as in the hotel) with kitchen and maid help, condos and normal villas for budget holiday plans and studio (with and without kitchenette) accommodation for student and back-packer budgets. These differ mainly from one another in cost, location and space available.  As with every milos hotel, these properties too boast of excellent hospitality and typical Grecian ambiance that prompt the tourists who visit once to return again and again and again.



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