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You can easily miss all the places to see and activities on the island without a milos guide, or without the ability to rent a car in milos. We've listed some of the places you shouldn't skip when you visit the island.

Milos island in Greece forms the most southern part of all the Cyclades islands. It became famous due to the discovery of the Venus de Milo statue that depicts Aphrodite. The statue is now in the Louvre museum in France, but tourists can still see a copy in the Archeological Museum in Plaka. The stone house where it was first hidden from Turkish soldiers, still stands and even offers accommodation. Milos island in Greece is a volcanic island, rich in minerals such as obsidian, flint, bentonite, sulphur and chalk. Most of the mines that date back to the Hellenistic Age are still operational. The island's unique rock formations, deep turquoise colored water, many underwater caves, beaches, and ancient history makes it the perfect tourist spot. Use this milos guide to find some of the best spots on the island. When you approach it by boat, the distinctive horseshoe shape is the first indication of the uniqueness that awaits you.

Guide to some of the beaches

The island has 75 beaches to offer, some of which can only be accessed from sea. Crystal water, little inlets, and long stretches of sand are characteristic of the island. The visitor has a choice among private beaches, more commercialized beaches in Adamas, and pebbled mineral rich beaches elsewhere on the island. The northern beaches of Sarakiniko and Mytakas are ideal when the wind comes from the South, while the southern beaches of Paliohori and Tsigrado are perfect when the wind blows from the North during the summer from July to August. There are so many beautiful beaches to visit that the tourist needs at least ten days to enjoy some of them. Many tourists explore the beaches by a boat tour around the island. Apollonia has a scuba diving center where water lovers can enjoy diving activities.

Guide to Milos Adamas

It is the main port and a safe harbor at the Milos Gulf. The town has about 1000 inhabitants and offers little fish markets. It has a post office, police station, banks, and medical facilities and offers the most tourist accommodation on the island. It's many restaurants, taverns and bars are very popular with young adults.

Guide to Apollonia beach

It lies to the northern part of the island and offers wonderful resort facilities. It is a fishing village but has become so fashionable that is now the second most popular tourist destination on the island. It derived its name from an ancient temple where the lighthouse is now located. The town was built by the Crete. The old styled houses with flower courtyards steal many hearts.

Guide to Mytakas

The small fishing village has the only houses on the island that are build right on the sea, with boat sheds on the ground and rooms on the upper floors. It is a quiet spot with blue green water.

Guide to Papafragas

The beach is situated at the foot of high cliffs and has unique sea caves. It is said that pirates used the spot as a hide away because of its many fjords. The pools in the sea changes color according to sunlight.

Guide to Sarakiniko

The picturesque white rocks form steps down to the sea where the visitor can bathe in one of the many naturally carved rock pools. It is only 1.3 miles or 2km from Adamas, and worth the visit.

Guide to beach roads

Milos island in Greece has excellent roads. The northern and southern beaches can be reached within an hour's drive from anywhere on the island. There also busses to the northern beaches. The western beaches are less accessible due to road conditions, since the mines are in the northern parts of the island, roads in the south are not maintained.

The list of places to visit is much longer than this, but you can use this milos guide to find some of the stunning beaches on the island.


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