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Milos island in Greece is the most striking of the Cyclades islands. Characterized by its white washed houses, breathtaking views and volcanic rock, milos griechenland seduces the visitor to explore its many wonders and cultural facets. Legend has it that Milos was the first person sent to the island by the love goddess called Venus. The 5000 inhabitants of milos griechenland celebrate life through many festivals such as the Saint Music Festival and the Feast of Virgin Mary.

Accommodation on Milos island in Greece

milos griechenland has offered refuge and safe shelter to travelers for hundreds of years. And the island still offers unique accommodation for its visitors from luxurious hotels, villas, and romantic rooms with breathtaking views, to rooms in old windmills on the hill. Olives, fish, fruit and traditional wine are served at many street cafés and taverns.

Site seeing on milos griechenland

The island's long history of mining, dating back to the Neolithic age is exhibited at Mining museum in Adamas. It is worth your while to stroll through the age old Catacombs that tell the story of the persecution of Christians by the Roman Empire. A well-preserved Roman theatre is only a stone throw away where you can view the magnificence of Roman architecture. A copy of Milos island in Greece's famous statue of Venus de Milo is housed in the Archeological museum in Plaka. You can experience the Miloan lifestyle in the History and Folk museum. No one should leave the island without visiting the cave of Pafragas, the archeological site in Apollonia and the many historical temples throughout the small villages.

Geography and climate of milos griechenland

The north wind called Meltemi, blows from July to August. The summer is characterized by sunny weather and the Mediterranean humidity, while the winters are mild with little rainfall. The best time to visit milos griechenland is during September and the Easter period. Milos island in Greece has many minerals from obsidian to bentonite. Visitors can only stand in astonishment of the beautiful rock formations and colors that surround the hot springs set in the rolling hills. The island has long stretches of golden sand beaches with little inlets bordered by the deep blue water from the ocean.

Towns and villages of milos griechenland 

There are many fishing villages with white washed houses, historical churches and small cafés that extend a welcome message to any tourist. The main towns and villages are Plaka that is the capital of Milos island in Greece, the harbor town of Adamas, the romantic village of Plakes, the tourist dream of Triovassalos where they keep the tradition of burning the effigy of Judas, Tripiti that derives its name from surrounding volcanic rock, the fishing village of Klima where all the houses have bight doors, and Pollona with its many taverns.

Architecture of milos griechenland

Most of the older buildings were destroyed through volcanic activity, earthquakes and wars that ravaged the island through the ages. The churches are built in the Aegean style, with little domes and whitewashed walls. Most of the houses are built close to each other. Narrow cobblestone streets make walking a pleasure, while bright flowers hang from the windows. There are still some magnificent ruins to visit where you get a glimpse of the Neolithic and Hellenistic ages.


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