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milos cyclades is a volcanic island and is the largest island in the Cyclades group. Milos island in Greece has depended on mining as its main source of income for thousands of years.  This doesn't mean that isn't a tourist destination, to contrary, it is very popular with the Greek nation as a weekend island. An indented coastal line, with many underwater caves, characterizes it. There are mountains to the south while there are only smaller hills to the north of the island. The Aphrodite goddess of Venus sent the first person to milos cyclades, or that is how the legend goes. Phylakope is the oldest village of Cyclades islands. People inhabited the milos cyclades from 5500 B.C.

Mining and minerals on the island

milos cyclades forms part of the southwest group of Cyclades islands and is reached through ferries and flights from the Athens airport. Milos island in Greece is different from the other islands in its unique horseshoe shape, its volcanoes, richness in minerals and its hot fountains that bubble up on the seashore. It is the only island that contains flint. They mine cement, flint, bentonite, chalk, obsidian, and sulphur, to name but a few. It is mainly due the mining activity that the road network is so well developed. Its shape is due to many volcanic eruptions thousands of years ago. Milos island in Greece doesn't have many large ancient trees due to the mineral content of the ground. Geologists flock to island to explore its extraordinary rock formations.

Beaches on Milos island in Greece

milos cyclades has an astonishing 75 beaches. It is enough to keep you busy for at least two months. Many of these beaches have unique features such as Paleohori where there is a whole area filled with sulphur, and at some places sulphur bubbles up from under the sea. Many people enjoy the high mineral content of the water, which apparently is very good for your health.

Some of the beaches that you should visit at milos cyclades:

  • Agia Kyriaki  is an exceptional white sandy shore
  • Pollonia offers a tree-fringed type of beach
  • Langada or also Lagada is also a lovely white sand shore
  • Paleohori offers pebbled beaches
  • Phatourena is accessible through a vessel service from Adamas
  • Phlathiena has pebbled sand
  • Provotas offers golden sandy beaches


milos cyclades has a few villages located mostly on the northern part of the island. The inhabitants are friendly and hospitable. Most of the villages are rather small but offers the visitor the chance to see the most beautiful and ancient churches.

Adamas is the main port of Milos. It boasts the most tourist accommodation and an exiting nightlife with its many taverns, restaurants, snack bars and street cafés. It is the safest Mediterranean harbor. Plaka is situated on a hill and is the capital of milos cyclades . The Klima fishing village lies between the two cities. The houses are built on the shore with boat housing on the ground floor and the rest of the home on the upper floor. Just north of Klima is the Christian Catacombs where there are still some 2000 skeletons in the graves. The Roman amphitheater is walking distance from it, where you are able to explore the rich history of the once majestic Roman culture.

You should reserve accommodation well in advance and try to visit the milos cyclades either over the Ester period or in September. Not all of the villas, hotels, and studios operate throughout the year. Most of them are open to tourists during September.

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