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milos apartments, Greece

Milos in Greece is a very beautiful destination for vacations all tourists from all over the world. This is also a place where people like to marry and have honeymoons because it is very picturesque and hospitable. People usually choose to visit during summer and stay in the lovely milos apartments constructed specifically for the purpose of accommodating tourists. These milo apartments are beautiful spacious, with a choice of one to four bedrooms, daily maid for cleaning and kitchens attached. The milos apartments give value for money to the tourists who can enjoy their holidays in the extremely beautiful surroundings of the Milos Island, without it burning a hole in their pockets. The average cost for booking these apartments is between 30- 60 Euros for one room, to 30-70 Euros to a room with kitchenette.  The price goes up for more rooms. Some of the choices you can get are described below:

The Giannis apartments in Adamas, Milos Island, Greece: These milos apartments are built and furnished in typical Cycladic style. It has a 360-degree panoramic view that actually is the key ingredient of most of the accommodation in this Greek island. The Giannis apartments are situated some five minutes away from the airport and just three minutes from the nearest port. You have the beach within a 10 minutes walking distance.  The hotel provides complimentary transfer from the port.

The Roula Studios in Kanava on the Milos Island, Greece: These milos apartments are situated just two kilometers away from the Adamans port. It has luxurious accommodations, with daily cleaning services essential household commodities such as gas, fridge, air conditioning and TV as well as kitchen.

The Santa Maria apartments on Milos Island, Greece:  You will have extremely beautiful milos apartments in the Santa Maria village which is set up in extremely picturesque surrounding of about 8000 sq mt. of plantation. The apartments are built almost on the sea beach, just about 300 meters away and have an out-of-this-world view. You can get breakfast buffet system here, bar, room cleaning, wash and iron facilities and even cooking of local traditional dishes.

Tina apartments on the Milos Island, Greece: Tina apartment is another extremely suitable location for tourists. The milos apartments are not beautiful but also a bit different from the rest since it has a number of hills in and around it. The combination of seas beach and hills is just wonderful. This village has re-created Greece in all its tradition with barbeques, Greek taverns and quaint chapels peppering the hillside. The apartments are spacious, clean and have the ample Greek hospitality to make your holiday an experience of a lifetime.

One thing to remember is that during the peak season the milos apartments that are really in high demand are totally booked. Hence, if you do not have an accommodation assured you can really be in trouble, since in Milos you cannot sleep on the beach, and you will be forced to leave for the mainland. It is strictly necessary hence to have your booking done beforehand so as to ensure that you have a comfortable place to stay when you visit Milos. You can do so through your travel agent, the Internet or over phone. The apartments are a great place to spend your holiday in, and it is a good bargain in both space and cost over the hotel rooms available. In fact staying in these apartments with the family adds tremendous value to the vacation and relaxes you beyond your expectation.


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