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milos accommodation
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When you go for a holiday to Milos, Greece, your first concern is of course milos accommodation.  You need not worry though because milos accommodation is very good, reasonable and the hospitality of the people goes much beyond any expectations.

It is advisable to book your accommodation before hand if you are planning to visit Milos, Greece during its peak season, since the place is totally booked and unavailability of accommodation can spoil your holiday. While looking for best booking choices in milos accommodation, you can use the Internet and/or your travel agent. There are a number of studios, hotels and apartments varying greatly in price but all giving similar types of comfort and hospitality. You have a choice of studios from Alba Studios, Anamnist Rooms & Studios, Arokaries Studios among others where you get extremely neat, comfortable single room accommodation with vehicle at call, barbeque, bar and kitchen. Their location is always chosen to enhance your view about the local scenery and many times the rooms/houses have a 360 view of the beach and/ or surroundings. This is total value for your money type of accommodation.

Another choice in the milos accommodation is the local hotels. You get 'B' and 'C' grade hotels which is equivalent to three star and two star hotels elsewhere. Among the expensive/ luxurious hotels in the 'C' grade are Hotel Chronis, Hotel Golden Milos Beach and Hotel Santa Maria Village. These have tariff of 48-94 Euros per single room per day depending upon the season, 30-61 Euros for double occupancy, 25-45 Euros for triple occupancy and 24-43 Euros for four-guest occupancy.

There are other means for milos accommodation on the island - and this is a preferred way for stay for many families who come and visit this exceptional Greek island, i.e. living in apartments specially constructed for tourist occupation. Among the ones available are Apokaries, Konstakis Farm Apartments, Capetan Tasos, and Villa Notos. Studio apartment accommodation is valued at about 38-90 Euros for two-guest occupation, 46-103 for three, 58-129 Euros for four and plain apartments cost are from 58-142 with a limit to four guests (cost depends upon the season).

Besides the above there are villas, maisonettes (something like condominiums) and hotels that are peppered all over Milos. You will definitely get something for your taste and budget when you come to this wonderful island, because the Greek people really took all the care possible to ensure that they cater to all possible tastes and needs for milos accommodation. You will get luxurious hotels and independent studios, homely apartments and classy villas and plain unpretentious single room hotels.  Whatever you want, whether you want quiet and luxurious stay, or adventurous and interactive exploration the Milos Island has it all. The people have gone out of their way to bring is and show case all the traditional way of Greece which will make you feel that you get value for money.

One thing to keep in mind is that during peak season not only it is expensive to stay and eat, but also milos accommodation will not be available for on the spot booking. Hence, in case you do not have made arrangement for your stay during the peak season, you will have to miss out from seeing this wonderful corner of the world.

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