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The milos was once a quiet unknown island, but the statue of Venus de Milo changed al that. People from all around the world come to see a copy of the statue in the Archeological museum in Plaka, visit one of its many sandy beaches, notable churches, historical sites, and old volcanoes. milos is also known as apple island (milos), island of colors, and the geological museum of the world. The apple is associated with the statue of Venus de Milo who held an apple in her on hand. Its richness in minerals such as flint, obsidian, chalk and bentonite, and its strange and colorful rock formations, makes it attractive to geologists from around the world.

The civilization on milos who are more than 5000 years old, have kept many of their traditions. This age old volcanic island is the largest of the Cyclades group and can be reached by air from Athens or with a ferryboat trip that takes about five hours.

Places worth visiting on milos

  • The small village of Chora with its breathtaking sunsets is a must see.
  • The age old Christian catacombs with their many tunnels, 2000 skeletons and stories of suffering lie next to the Roman amphitheater. These two historical sites have also contributed to the fame of milos.
  • There are magnificent diving spots at Kleftiko where pirates once stayed while hiding from the Greek authorities. Natural fjords, high cliffs and pools in the sea await you.
  • Visit the huge old factory at Thiorixia where the water is yellow from the sulfur in ground.
  • The Milos hot spa's are only 100 meters from the main port and even though they don't look so good, provide relaxation in the mineral water.
  • Take a trip to Plaka's notable churches of Our Lady Thalasssistra, Thiorixia, and Messa. While in Plaka, also explore the minerals and Venus of Milos at the Archeological museum or go to the Folk museum that is housed in an old dwelling, where you can get a glimpse into the Minoan lifestyle. End the day while enjoying the sunset from an ancient castle.
  • You can enjoy a picnic on of the three islets Arkadies, Glaronissia, and Antimilos just outside Plaka.
  • The traditional windmills in Tripiti are used as tourist accommodation. Stroll through the narrow cobble stoned streets and enjoy the stunning view of the ocean in this little village.
  • Dine in one of the many traditional restaurants of the Adamas port on milos with its white washed houses. The town was built by the Crete in 1824 when they fled from the Turks.
  • Many mines desecrate a part of the beautiful landscape of Milos island in Greece, but they are in themselves worth a visit since most them of have been operational for hundreds of years.
  • If you are on milos during the first week of July, you can take part in the two day Milos festival, also called Milos Parygini. Tourists have the opportunity to taste traditional food with local wine while Greek music fills the air. The cheese called touloumotyry and the pitarakia dish will tingle your taste buds.
  • When you are in the northern parts of milos, you should at least visit the extraordinary cave of Papafranga.
  • Phylakope is the oldest town of the Cyclades islands. The town was built in three phases and is the best example of the ancient Minoan architecture you'll find.
  • Although there are many beaches, you shouldn't leave Milos island in Greece before you have seen Alogomantria, Axvadolimni, Empourios, Pakinos, Psarvolada, Plathiena, Ioanmis, Sikia, Triades, and Voudia beaches. They are not well known, but offer unique experiences of the fishing culture, large pebbles, minerals, water inlets, sea caves, exceptionally white sand, and more.
  • High mountains characterize the southern part of the island, and though not very accessible, hikers and mountaineers love to explore this part of milos.



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