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Many people know Milos as an island where the statue of Venus "Venus de Milo" was discovered. The statue has since been moved to Louvre Museum in Paris . However the recent years have seen the island of Milos transform itself into a tourist attraction. The reason for this is that the Cycladic island of Milos has some of the beautiful beaches with rocks and crystal clear water.

The island of Milos is the western most island of the Cyclades . The island of Milos is also known as the "island of colors" owing to its beauty handed down from the volcanic origins. The island of Milos has its own charm because of the rare morphology of its terrain and its mineral wealth.

The island of Milos covers an area of 151 square kilometers and has about 5,500 inhabitants. The island is divided into 7 small towns. This island is the shape of a horseshoe with a very large gulf running to its centre forming the bay of Milos . This unique quality gives the island of Milos a huge waterfront area strewn with beautiful beaches surrounded by sand dunes and cliffs.

Located on the northwestern side of the island of Milos is Plaka, the capital town of the island. V iew of the Aegean and the sunset are very enjoyable at Plaka . Shopping at the quaint little shops pf Plaka is a very enjoyable experience where you can purchase knick knacks. In between are the lovely tavernas, cafes and bars that are perfect for a cozy and a quiet dinner or drink. Plaka boasts of several interesting museums which showcase some findings from the nearby archaeological sites of the Cycladic civilization and traditional costumes of the island. Plaka also has several beautiful churches scattered throughout the town .

Although the island of Milos has great weather all year round, the months of April and May see the greatest number of tourists. They enjoy the 70 odd unique beaches, each with its own personality. These months see the island of Milos bloom with its own keen perfume and breathtaking landscapes that are a treat to watch and enjoy. A vacation to the island of Milos can become a very interesting and unforgettable chapter of your life. Milos is known to be an ideal vacation spot for explorers because of the thousands of coves, caves and hills it boasts of.

September and October in Milos can be as interesting since the Milos amphitheatre offers an unforgettable color of the sea, beautiful sunsets and gentle breeze. These together give the island of Milos a calm atmosphere and ambience allowing one a very restful vacation. The adventurous tourists take to the water with boats to reach and enjoy the waters of blue, green, azure, red, emerald and violet colors brightly contrasting with white, pink and red rocks.

The eastern coast of the island offers the same sight of rocks strewn together at a few places. The satellites of the island of Milos also offer great landscapes and beautiful beaches.

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