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The island milos is one of the beautiful tourist destinations on this earth. A strangely horse shaped volcanic island milos is situated in the Cyclades where there is fantastic rock formation peppered with hot springs. Though the island is very modern and industrialized, it still managed to retain extreme scenic (almost virginal) natural beauty particularly due to its fabulous beaches, Lagkada, Pollonia and Chivadollini that are connected by boat with the island of Kimolos - which is another out-of-this-world island in Greece.  The island is situated among volcanoes which were active some 3-4 millions of years back. Its capital is Milos, a beautiful island town also knows as Plaka.

The island milos has roughly 5000 people as its inhabitants who are spread over eight beautiful establishments, i.e. Adamada, Plaka (or Milos), Pera Triovassalo, Appollonia (it is also knows as Pollonia), Tripti, Zefiria, Triovassalo and Plakes. The civilization of Milos is one of the oldest in the world.

This island milos is famous for a peculiar types of white cubic houses which you will encounter at every step in its main town, Plaka. It has a very rich historical heritage that constitutes of Roman times archeological monuments such as long lost era Christian catacombs, exquisite Venetian castles and impressive Roman amphitheater. Fine Arts lovers will know the island milos as the home of Venus de Milo that is now proudly exhibited at the Louvre's Museum.  There is a small beautiful island close to island milos named Kimolos. Tourists have access to it by ferry which runs thrice weekly from Piraeus and daily from Milos is an exceptional location with lovely beaches and a number of thermal springs.

This is an island where you will never tire of exploration as it is filled with beautiful hidden caves and private beaches and tiny coves. There is something for every body here, from historical archeology to extreme natural landscape you get everything. There can never be a moment of boredom on the island milos from any point of view. The greatest tourist attractions are the catacombs in Tripti, which is actually one of the greatest Christian archeological sites as well as the ancient Roman amphitheater, the Plaka archeological museum where you can still see a good copy of Venus de Milo, the archeological sites and a number of historic temples of Appollonia as well as the Papafraga cave. Totally at the end of the island milos lies a splendid sea-cave called Kleftiko. This is just after the extraordinary Papafranga cave.

The nightlife in island milos is typical Greek with good wine and music elusive taverns and bars where you can enjoy a beautiful view, fantastic food and great ambience.

The most favorite locations for tourists are Adamas with its beautiful white houses, plenty of flowers, quaint cobbled paths and romantic overseeing balconies that had inspired and still inspire poetry.

The island milos is geared for tourists maximum enjoyment and hence everything constructed or made there are with the scope of pleasing and attracting tourists. The people are extremely friendly and hospitable and there is no way that if you come once and stay on island milos, you would not want to repeat the experience. The accommodation is clean, comfortable and modern while it is still typical Greek. You will places to stay to choose all types of budgets and tastes - most of them having a stunning view.

Other places that can interest you in and around island milos are the tiny islets Arkadies, Glaronissa and Antimilos.

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