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hotels in milos
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There are many hotels in milos that will take your breath away. Greece has specifically maintained this beautiful island as a tourists' paradise making sure that each tourist, of whatever background and taste will get something that he/she likes. The hotels in milos offer the highest hospitality in terms of comfort, customer care and assistance. Anyone who visits this wonderful island would surely go back for more at later date. The beauty of the hotels in milos ensure this, the people of Milos ensure this.

The accommodation is varied based upon the taste and budget of the tourist. Hence you have luxury hotels in milos, and you have studios with attached kitchenette and also you have villas and apartments. You can have you pick from any of them - all are beautifully located, excellently manned and high hospitable. Among these the Golden Beach Hotel on the Provatas Bay Beach and the Hotel Portiani, Adamas are some of the popular hotels sought after by tourists.

Some of the hotels are situated on the beach and because of their location, are higher-end hotels in milos. This is classified in Greece as Category B Hotels. There are many beautiful places to stay on Provatas Bay beach that is preferred by the tourists because it is just seven kilometers away from the main port and the main airport is about 5 km away.

The hotels on this island are beautifully crafted and offer very comfortable rooms with moderate facilities. Though some hotels are in extremely high demand among hotels in milos, all of the hotels available are great and highly hospitable. Hence, if you like to stay here you will need to book very much in advance.

All hotels have their rooms come equipped with air conditioning, color TV, fridge, telephone and shower bathrooms. Most hotels offers facilities such as restaurant, children's recreational area, TV room, bar and air conditioned common areas. The tariff of the hotels around the beach varies from 65.3 Euros to 245 Euros with breakfast - depending on the season and occupation.

There are other hotels situated in the center of the town in the harbor of Adamas. Some have a 2-3 rooms while others have 25-50 guest rooms furnished with comfortable and modern amenities; most of the hotel rooms, even in the center, have guestrooms offering a panoramic view of the beautiful Milos Bay.  The pricing of the  hotels in milos  which are situated a bit interior are very reasonable because of their location in middle of the town; though all are coming with  an extremely friendly environment and all modern amenities such as,  daily cleaning, air conditioning, telephone, fridge and offers a fantastic buffet breakfast which mixes both traditional with modern cuisine. Most hotels also offers laundry facilities, fax and internet. The tariff of these hotels stays between 48 Euros to 200 Euros depending upon occupation (number of people per room) and the season in which the hotel is booked.

The hotels in milos come in two categories, one in B category (three star) and the other in C category (two plus stars) but this does not mean that the others are in anyway less pleasant and attractive. Also, besides hotels in milos there are many other places to stay fro extra luxurious like the villas to the more common studios. The island of Milos is highly in demand during the holidays (July-August) and if you choose at that time, be sure you have advanced booking for your stay, as the place is totally packed and it is forbidden to spend the night on the beach. With an advanced booking you will be able to choose your favorite place of stay before hand so your holiday can be spent hassle free.


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