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Milos island is Greece is one of the first Christianized Greek islands. The magnificent Christian catacombs bear evidence to hardships of those early Christians. The civilization is more than 5000 years old and the ancient architecture is still resembled in the hotel milos style of accommodation.

hotel milos guide

Milos island in Greece has hotels in all of its eight scenic villages. Rent a car in milos and visit all of them. Adamas is the main port of Milos island in Greece and offers the most hotels (hotel milos). There are hotels on the beach with splendid views and some are located close to the market, while others are at the port. These hotels (hotel milos) are built in the Cycladic style and offer stylish furnishing. The best rooms and studios all have either a sea view or mountain view from their little balconies. White washed churches and houses, street markets, cafés, taverns and snack bars welcome the visitor. Adamas has a police station, medical rooms, post office and supermarkets. Most of visitors stay in Adamas, because of all the facilities. The town has about 1000 inhabitants.

Plaka, is the capital of Milos island in Greece and most of the hotels on the hill have air-conditioned rooms. There is only one hotel in Klima, which is more suitable for expensive taste. Tripiti with its winding alleys, also offer tourist accommodation in its windmill hotels.

hotel milos standards

Due to the warm climate, almost all of the hotel rooms have partial or full air- condition. The visitor can still enjoy television and are treated to breakfasts either in the gardens, hotel verandahs, breakfast rooms, or can enjoy breakfast served in the rooms.

The people are known for their high standard of service and hospitality. Cleaning services are included in the prices and all of them have convenient parking bays. Some of the hotels accept pets. Most but not all of them, have swimming pools and snack bars.

The hotels are graded on a scale from A to C, where the A grade indicates the highest priced and most luxurious accommodation. If a bathroom is important to you, then we recommend that you enquire whether the room has only a shower, or a full bathroom, since it is not always indicated.

hotel milos: type of accommodation

The hotels offer rooms, villas, and studios. Enquire from the hotel, before you book whether they have family or double rooms for children as some of them offer discount rates. Even the newly built hotels reflect the Cycladic style, with typical Greek furnishing and sunny rooms. Tranquil gardens with shade, flowers and water features surround many of the hotel studios.

hotel milos: transport

There are car rental facilities, a reliable bus line and ten taxis to use when you explore the island. Ferries, yachts and cruise boats are used to travel to nearby islands and for trips around Milos island in Greece. Many of the western beaches can only be reached from the sea. Some of the hotels offer minibus services to and from the Milos airport. Not all of the chartered companies land at Milos island in Greece. You can fly from Athens to Milos or take a ferryboat. The ferryboat trip is about five hours but is a wonderful experience.

hotel milos: finding accommodation

People from the Greek nation visit Milos island in Greece over weekends, making it difficult to get a room in one of the hotels over a weekend. Most of the special tariffs only apply if you stay a minimum of seven nights. September and Easter are the best times to go to Milos island in Greece, but early reservation is required. The hotels operate various months of the year. Some only operate from April to October while others operate throughout the year. Enquire about operating times when you make a booking. The smaller villages don't have such a wide range of hotel accommodation, but offer bungalows, camping grounds, and villas.


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