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Milos island.

The first tourist guide published online for the island of colors.

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Milos island in Greece, The island of colors milos
Milos island in Greece, with its unique horse shoe-shape, set in the blue waters of the Aegean, boasts several of the best hotels in Cyclades bathed in radiant sunlight and scattered with small white houses. Milos, the place with the most hospitable islanders. With fine touristic organisation, clear waters, noteworthy monuments. Milos, steals the hearts of all those who come to visit ...and now will steal yours!

We wish you a pleasant and memorable holiday.
Last update: October 2014
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A complete milos hotels and tourist guide for the most beautiful island of Cyclades in Greece with hotels, apartments,
rooms, villas, where to eat, maps, history, the statue of Venus, geology, villages, beaches, milos museums,
sightseeing, weather updates, and many photos of the island of colors, milos. Languages: en, gr, it, fr, de

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